Al Falah Defined

The FALCON BIRD is said to be the “Hunting Dog of the Skies”; the national bird of United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman and several other countries that recognize the significance of falconry in their tradition and culture.

A most precious creature that man considered as a symbol of force and courage provides assistance to man in an environ- mentally friendly way. Trained Falcon birds are excellent to use since this class is one of the most dreaded predators in the avian world.

These Royal Hunters used as a scare weapon to other unwanted birds in the hospital, farms, vineyards, orchards, golf courses and especially in the airports; the falcons uses as a means of controlling the local bird population. It's an effective way to deal with the bird issue, for the simple reason that while birds can get used to noise, they never habituate to having a natural predator in the area. The falcons give support to certain individuals to reduced danger and any hazardous incidents that cause substantial damage particularly on aircraft engines.

Trained Falcon birds get to roam around the perimeter used to frighten, not kill and scare away other birds but do not reach the harm way, this kind of practice is being used nowadays.

Do you know? Airports normally use noisemakers and, as a last resort, shotguns to keep birds away from planes. But the predator weapon has its advocates. Birds get used to man-made scare tactics, but they instinctively flee a fast killer on the wing. And do you know?

John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York is the only airport that routinely uses falconry to limit the threat of birds, which cost civil air carriers $400 million a year in equipment damage.